12 Mei 2024

Entrepreneurs must have their own stress. Running a business is very uneasy, especially if you handle all the responsibility of every task. Your stress level could be more than regular person, right?

This time, we adapted some tips from Business News Daily about how entrepreneurs handle stress in the business. Go check it out!

“When experiencing lot of stress at work, it’s always nice to escape. I captain a boat, and when I can, I go out on the water. I become totally consumed by the beauty and challenge of navigating the water, and it’s a great way for me to handle my stress and relax.” – Linda Passant, CEO The Halo Group

“A lot of my stress originates from the office. Getting outside, getting fresh air and allowing myself 15 minutes of silence helps me breathe. Understand why I’m feeling overwhelmed, and helps grant a sense of clarity that I can use to better understand and tackle the problem.” – Jonathan LeRoux, CEO TurtlePie Solutions

“Spending more time with family – cooking for them and playing with my 18 months old son – goes a very long way to deal with my stress. It helps me erase the negative thoughts that the stress leads to, even if it’s temporary.” – Gennady Borukhovich, co-founder and CTO FarFaria

“I love going to a movie by myself. It takes my mind off of work for a few hours, and I get excited to check my emails after the movie – maybe I made some sales!” – Amy Chandler, creator The Cibo

Ï handle stress by talking about it out loud, sometimes even to myself. Working out a problem verbally helps me see the issues better, and sometimes, I realize it’s not such a problem after all.” – Robert von Geoben, founder Green Toys

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